Climate in Istria is mild, Mediterranean, where there are warm and dry summers and mild and pleasant winters. It has an average of 2,338 sunny hours per year, and during the summer, the insolation is 10 h, on average. Specific winds are gale, which blows from north to south, with a clear and colder weather, south wind, which brings warmer but humid weather and a mild landward breeze, which blows from the land and has a cooling effect during the summer. The average air temperature during the coldest part of the year is 6ºC, and during the warmest 30ºC. South of Rovinj, Istria is cut by the 45th parallel, which means that we are half way between the Equator and the North Pole – an ideal geographical and temperature place on the northern hemisphere. Sea salinity is 37 pro mille. A large concentration of salt, sodium and chlorine, as well as sulphates and magnesium are a basis of a healthy bath which is necessary for a human body and skin, and where sea motion also has a therapeutic effect. The sea temperature is coldest during the year in March and on average it is at 9ºC, while it is warmest during August when it reaches up to 25ºC.

Based on the recent twelve-year tracking of meteorological data in Rovinj, the average yearly temperature is 13.5ºC, rainfall is 766.8 mm, while the relative air humidity is 75%. The climate is warm and semi-dry. During the year, more than a third of days are without wind, while the gale is blowing a lot less than in other towns by the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. Micro climate this mild is present only in Brijuni archipelago and Mali Lošinj. The number of sunny days during the year is 134, which is the most on the Adriatic after two places in south Dalmatia.


Istria – an enchanting Mediterranean peninsula surrounded by clear blue sea, touristically developed coastline and magical green inland, offers numerous cultural, historical and natural sights and unforgettable views from hilly villages, and hides a wealth of tradition and taste.

Istrian cuisine is a true reflection of historical, geographical and climate characteristics of the peninsula and the result of interviewing of different traditions with dishes based on wild plants, aromatic herbs, seasonal vegetables, seafood and olive oil.

An invitation to explore and taste values of this blue and green refuge lies in the smile of the Istrian host, products of his hardworking hands and the nature which seduces with its beauty and lively past that emerges from the rocks and lumps of earth. Once you’re here, horizons are expanding, senses are deepening, tension is leaving, harmony is restoring, and new experiences and friendships become permanent valuables…

The Coast and Beaches

Rovinj coast and the coastal area is a unique natural environment because there are 2289 ha of protected green areas, 14 islands, islets and 6 cliffs. The coastline with many beaches is 67 km long.

Baluota Beach – In the evening, this attractive rocky beach at the foot of St. Euphemia’s Church is transformed into a special venue for unique events. The special lighting enables undisturbed nighttime swimming.

Beaches in Zlatni Rt – they are situated at three locations with catering and sanitary facilities, while two of them offer beach gear rental. Improved sea access.

Lone Bay – After improvement, it became the most visited town bathing spot at an attractive location in the Park Forest Zlatni Rt right next to the town and numerous hotels.

How to reach us?

Road connections between central Europe and destinations on the Croatian coast are improving. To enter and drive in Croatia, you will require a green insurance card and a valid driving license. In Croatia, the toll is charged on motorways, semi-motorways and some bridges and tunnels.

Arrival in Rovinj:
from Slovenia and Italy: border-crossing Kaštel–Dragonja, highway: toll gate Umag–Kanfanar interchange (motorway exit)
from Zagreb: highway Zagreb – Rijeka – Učka Tunnel – Kanfanar interchange (motorway exit)
from Dalmatia: highway Split – Bosiljevo – Rijeka –Učka Tunnel – Kanfanar interchange (motorway exit).